Skilled Migrant Category

Skilled Migrant Category (SMC)

This category is suitable for ‘skilled migrants’ who want to gain Permanent Residence in AU, on the basis of their educational qualification and work experience.

AU is a fantastic country, ideal for migrants who have the qualifications and skills that are in demand here. It is little wonder then that each year many thousands of migrants and their families apply to gain AU Permanent Residence attracted to the promise of a great lifestyle!

With ongoing shortages across a number of professions including doctors, nurses, teachers, architects, IT professionals, engineers, electricians and chefs, Australia is constantly searching for highly skilled migrants. And, in turn providing them with a safe, secure and enabling environment to practice and hone their skills.

1- The Points System:

Australia follows a comprehensive points-based system to decide on an application’s eligibility. Under this system, you may be awarded points for different aspects such as age, qualifications, skills, work experience etc. And, there are additional points to be gained if you have a job offer in Australia, have studied or worked in Australia, or have qualifications, work experience or a job offer in a skill-shortage occupation. You can also claim points for your partner’s qualifications and/or offers of skilled employment, if applicable.

The system is tuned to accept applications that meet the minimum threshold within the set quota. This minimum threshold, however, is subject to change (in accordance with the Immigration Policy). The current threshold is 160 points. If you can claim 160 points, you are eligible to apply for Permanent Residency under this category.

It is important to note that location has no bearing on the system. And you can be eligible to apply irrespective of where you are located, provided you meet the minimum threshold requirement.

2- We Can Help:

The process to apply for a Permanent Residence may be complicated. There may be quite a few issues that need your consideration, and it is crucial to be aware of them at the onset.

(a) The selection criteria under the Skilled Migrant Category are complex and processing times can range from 6-12 months. The processing times may further stretch if your application encounters difficulties.

(b) You require a comprehensive understanding of the subject to be able to answer a variety of questions such as, “Is my job offer ‘skilled’ or not?”, “Can I claim points for work experience gained in my country?” “When can I claim bonus points?”, “Is my qualification and certificate recognised in Australia?”, or “Does my job offer meet policy requirements?”.

(c) You may have to go through the many lists that Immigration AU publishes in order to find where you stand.

(d) You need to familiarise yourself with immigration rules and concepts and analyse where you, your qualifications and your occupations fit.

Towards this, it is highly recommended to employ a consultant with thorough understanding. Such as Innovius. We are here to help you!

We are experts at providing fast, accurate and professional consulting services.

Talk to us about your needs. And let us find the right solution that works for you.

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