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Studying in Australia can open up opportunities like never before!

AU has a great deal to offer its students! It is increasingly becoming a popular destination as the educational hotspot of the world. With world-class institutions and a supportive ecosystem where you will be encouraged to answer your calling and pave your own path forward, AU is a dream destination for students.
With more Student Visa applications approved than rejected, the stats are here to support your big

Consider Studying in Australia!

A Student Visa is suitable for those who want to pursue a full-time course or schooling in Australia for a period greater than three months. With this visa, you are eligible to study a course of your choice at the institute of your choice. Depending on the visa conditions, you may also work for up to 20 hours per week during the term and full-time over the holidays to support yourself. And in some cases, depending on the level and the type of course undertaken, it is also allowed for the immediate family (partner, spouse or dependent children) to come along.

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Why study in Australia? Here’s why!

Australia has an exemplary educational system, and many of the schools and institutions are recognized the world over as leading providers. There are quite a few attractive features.
  1. 1The tuition is among the lowest in the world.
  2. 2Institutions follow a British-based education system, and it is delivered at a fraction of the cost.
  3. 3The degrees are recognized around the world as hands-on, relevant and practical.
  4. 4The quality of education is high throughout. The state has a provision to check and validate every course, program, and certificate for quality and accuracy.
  5. 5Not only that, but the support services for international students are awe-inspiringly great. International students receive thorough guidance enabling them to succeed in their programs.
Everybody has a different sense of purpose, and if you were not convinced by the reasons listed above, here are a few more exciting ones:
  1. 1Australia is a fantastic place to learn English, and then practice your newfound skills with the warm and friendly locals.
  2. 2AU is one of the most beautiful countries with bustling cities, thriving culture and scenic outdoors. And studying here opens up the avenues to explore the country and experience something new.
  3. 3AU is a melting pot of cultures and races, and the exposure to such diversity is a moving experience. While you study different subjects, you also build fascinating friendships with people from all around the globe.
And the list goes on:
  1. 1Smaller class sizes mean you will receive personal attention
  2. 2The study system is designed to encourage innovation and originality
  3. 3You can stay and work for up to 3 years in total with a post-study Work Visa
  4. 4You can bring your immediate family along while studying a level 7 or above qualification
  5. 5Opportunity to settle permanently in Australia with an AU PR!

With AU, Everything Adds Up. This is the Big Picture.

Native Australiaers are some of the most amazing, spirited, and welcoming people ever. Kiwis treat even strangers like friends. Because they travel a lot, and because lots of people come to visit Australia, they are used to meeting new people. The culture across the many islands, cities and towns is laid back and easy going and the vibe is friendly. And it is considered to be one of the safest places to live in the world.
Australia occupies a small corner of the world, and although it is seemingly secluded, it is not isolated. It is a paradise, a golden state where the economy is incredibly robust, growth is consistent, cost of living is low, and politics and government too are more stable than not. It is a safe place to live, work and study, and it offers ample prospects for personal growth and fulfilment to all its residents.
Australia enjoys a great weather throughout the year. Being in the southern hemisphere, the seasons are reversed and summers last from December to February, while winters last from June to August. The winters are mild, with temperatures around 10ºC and slight rainfall. In the higher altitudes, it is quite common to see snowfall. During the summers, the climate is warm and dry, and the temperatures are moderately warm, around 25ºC. Spring and fall have a similar weather, with comfortably cool temperatures and intermittent rain.
Australia offers amazing opportunities for anyone who is looking. In Australia, there are literally thousands of things to do that will help you complement your study routine with a great life. There are things to do that will enhance your knowledge, like visits to the many museums and galleries and libraries that dot the region. If you are a nature lover, you could explore mountains, take a hike, walk up a trail at a national park or go cycling into the country. If you enjoy beaches, there are tons of them up for grabs with white sands, balmy waters and scintillating sunsets.
There are plenty of work opportunities available for international students. On a student visa, you are allowed to work for up to 20 hours a week through the semester; and full-time during vacations. This is awesome because not only do you get to supplement your education with income, you also feel independent and pick up a few life skills while you are at it. You may even be able to nab internships and other practical work. Try the international studies office at your university for free advice. And finally, a special ‘work permit’ at the end of your degree program allows you to work for an extended period of 12 months.
Australia is culturally inclusive and welcomes migrants and international students alike. The visa acquisition process too is incredibly simple, and the chances are that your application will sail through. The added advantage is that you can live and work in AU for up to a year even after you graduate. If you are employed at the end of that period, and the job you hold is related to the qualification you completed here, you can actually apply to get a Permanent Residency. There is nothing stopping you from getting an AU PR within 6 months of your application! With the right partner and consultant, obtaining an AU Student Visa may become a reality. A testament to your shining future! We, at Innovius, are experts at providing fast, accurate and professional consulting services. Talk to us about your needs. And let us find the right solution that works for you.

About Your Study Options in Australia

Australia has a thriving educational scene with a number of recognized and reputable institutes and schools located here. A wide range of study options are available for you in every category:

Tertiary Education Or Higher Studies In Australia

Tertiary education and higher studies are for people who are above school-age and want to develop specialized skills. This includes Colleges, Universities, Institutes, Polytechnic Institutions, Training Establishments and Centres for Vocational Studies.

There are tons of programs available such as Diploma, Bachelor’s Degree, Postgraduate Diploma and Degree, Master’s Degree as well as Doctoral Study at institutions across Australia. And there are a variety of courses to be undertaken as well.

Every college or university has an eligibility criterion for admission that must be met. Similarly, Immigration Australia has a set eligibility criterion for the issuance of a Student Visa.

At Innovius, we are specialists in the Student Visa category! We have years of accrued experience at our disposal.

We can assist you in any part of the process, or with the entire process. Anytime. We can help you pick the right institute, identify a suitable course and map a perfect plan to get you an AU Student Visa.

Available Study Courses

Australia offers over 25,000 study courses in a number of study areas. A few of them are listed below:

1. Computer and Mathematical Science
2. Engineering and Technology
3. Health and Medicine
4. Architecture Building and Planning
5. Education and Training 6. Humanities
7. Law
8. MBA
9. Travel and Hospitality
10. Business and Administrative Studies
11. Creative Arts and Design
12. Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine
13. Applied and Pure Sciences
14. Social Studies and Communications
15. Personal Care and Fitness

Available Qualification Levels

Different qualification levels are offered by institutions across Australia. Here are the major ones:

1. Doctoral Degree
2. Master’s Degree
3. Postgraduate – Degree, Diploma
4. Graduate – Certificate, Diploma
5. Bachelor’s Degree
6. Diploma
7. Certificate
8. Trade

Schooling In Australia

Australia has a great schooling system for those bright children who want to complete their schooling abroad (and for the parents who want to see their children shine and excel).

Schooling in Australia is offered from Primary, through Intermediate, and up to Secondary levels, in either Public or Private campuses. Schools ensure stringent policies and norms are adhered to. And, various checks and balances are put in place to confirm that the students receive a satisfactory educational experience.

Schools that wish to include students from overseas must have relevant permits and approvals. This is to ensure that quality care arrangements are in place to cater to the children’s essential and perquisite needs, both scholastic and residential.

Parents and legal guardians have an opportunity to visit beautiful Australia to live with and care for their children while they are studying here. And this is an incredible incentive for parents who want to stay close to their wards while also experiencing an exquisite nation!

Study English In Australia

Studying and picking up on the English language skills is a big attraction that lures many students here to Australia. And rightly so.

Australia is a fantastic place to learn English. Given that Australia is an English-speaking country, there are tons of avenues, both formal and informal to learn and practice your language. There are numerous institutions that offer courses and tuition is easily available.

English may also be chosen as the medium of education, in which case there is greater exposure to the language and its nuances. This also Includes places where English language education is combined with other courses and activities. Then there may be as many as over 600 different choices!

Domestic Students

The children of persons in Australia who are here on a Work Visa can be eligible to attend Primary, Intermediate or Secondary school as ‘Domestic Students’.

Similarly, certain other persons in Australia who are members of a diplomatic mission, people undergoing armed service transfers, or post-graduate students attending lectures here, may also be included under this category, and their children may also be eligible to receive schooling.

While these children are required to apply for a Student Visa, they are exempt from paying the International Student Fees. Although, it is vital to note that this concession does NOT apply while pursuing courses within areas of Tertiary Education or Higher Studies.

Call On The Innovius Expertise!

If you have made the exciting decision to go all the way and receive a formal qualification from Australia, we congratulate you! This is a wise decision indeed! For many aspirants, the challenge now lies in deciding on the institution and a suitable program to attend. A number of aspirants also need assistance with the Student Visa application process.

We are the sought-after experts. Not only are we knowledgeable about the entire process, we are also adept at picking the right course. And we can be trusted to deliver on the promise.

Here’s how we will make it happen for you:

Step1. Identify the right program as per your background, profile and aspirations.
Step2: Find the perfect institution to deliver the subject matter.
Step3: Apply for admission.
Step4: (Admission Confirmed) Submit the Student Visa application.
Step 5: (Student Visa Approved) Initiate the post visa approval processes.

Buy a Australia SIM card, and activate the number before your arrival. Arrange for airport pickup.

Arrange for accommodation or connect you with good accommodation providers. Develop contacts: including reliable financial service providers (e.g. banks) and healthcare service providers near you.

This well-laid plan works every time. And we have enough on-ground support to put it into action.

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