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Would you like the opportunity to live and work in Australia but not sure what to do? Are you already living in Australia and having problems with your visa extension? Are you a student hoping to study at one of Australia’s top universities? Maybe you’d like to visit family and friends who already live in Australia, or take a vacation? We can help!
Innovius are Australian Immigration Consultants – Registered Migration Agents (RMA), providing advice and assisting overseas residents and foreign nationals get Australian visas.

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You are already in
Australia and ?

  • Need to get you current visa extended?
  • Apply for a different type of visa?
  • Visa Declined?

You are overseas and
want to?

  • Start a business, invest or buy property in Australia
  • Migrate to Australia permanently
  • Study in Australia
  • Work in Australia

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Are you a Australia Employer and?

  • Looking for a partnership with an Immigration Agency for your employers visas?
  • Need to get your employee’s visa sorted?

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From CEO's Desk

At Innovius, we always start the process with end goal in mind – your Visa Approval. No matter which Immigration firm or lawyer you contracted for visa application, no matter how much you paid more or less, no matter how robust the documentation was, if the visa is not approved, everything goes in vain. The most important outcome for you is the Visa and for every application we keep focused to achieve this..
Whether you are overseas or already in Australia. Whether you want to submit a new application or have issues with currently submitted application, or your visa has been declined, get your Australia Visa sorted with us.

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Rajinder Sidhu, CEO, Innovius

What our clients says about Us

I tried to apply for a Post Study Employer Assisted Visa owing to the facts that I know the rudiments, but my visa was declined. I had to contact Innovius, and they applied for the same visa based on a different job offer from the same employer, and the visa was successfully approved. Apparently, this is one of the best services I’ve gotten lately.


Company Name : Preeti
Designation : Web Developer

I never believed getting a Permanent Resident visa could be a tough one for me following my successful application for Australia student visa, until I needed one. Surprisingly, Innovius helped me prepare my application for Permanent Resident visa in line with my eligibility for the skilled migrant category, worked on it and submitted to Immigration Australia. Smack! They approved it.

Gurpreet Sandhu

Company Name : Gurpreet Sandhu
Designation : Web Developer

I applied for my visa, but Immigration Australia raised character concerns in my application. This was due to the fact that I previously had visa rejections, but I failed to declare those to Immigration Australia. I contracted Innovius, and they addressed the issues in such a way that my application was approved! Highly expert and very professional!


Company Name : S.RAWAT
Designation : Web Developer

After some years of marriage, my husband opted to study in Australia. I tried to apply for a partnership based visa, but immigration declined it due to a character issue. The stress was becoming too much and we almost lost all hope of having our visa approved. Just then we contracted Innovius, they checked and fixed the character issue, then submitted the application, and that was how I got my visa approved. I can tell that Innovius has carved a niche for itself when it comes to successful visa applications. They didn’t just help with the Australia visa; they were even more helpful when my husband and I applied for an Australian visa so we could go on a visit. The visa was processed and approved with the help of Innovius.

Andrew John

Company Name : Andrew John
Designation : Web Developer

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