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Investor Category

Like the ‘Entrepreneur Category’ is highly suitable for keen businessmen, the ‘Investor Category’ is great for perceptive investors.

And investing in New Zealand has its own returns over and on top of the financial returns, you are sure to enjoy. Take, for example, the thriving start-up environment, and the business-focused vision of the state. An unmatched quality of life with mixed flavours of the urban and metropolitan spread. New Zealand has it all!

The policies mandate a minimum of NZ$3 Million for investment under this category.

There are 2 sub-categories under which you can apply: Investor 1 Category (Investor Plus Visa) and Investor 2 Category.

The below table details the main points of these 2 sub-categories along with a brief comparison:

Key Requirements Investor 1 (Plus) Category Investor 2 Category
Age Limit No requirement 65 or younger
Minimum Investment into New Zealand NZ$10.0 million NZ$3.0 million if investing less than 50% into growth investments


NZD$2.5 if investing more than 50% into growth investments

Business Experience No requirement Minimum of 3 years
Investment Period Three years Four Years
Minimum Time spent in New Zealand (for principal applicant only) 44 days in NZ in each of the last two years of the three-year investment period 146 days in NZ in each of the last three years of the four-year investment period if investing less than 25% into growth investments


438 days in NZ over the entire four-year investment period if investing more than 25% into growth investments

English Language No requirement Principal Applicant: Competent in English, or pass an International English Language Testing System (IELTS) test report with an overall band score of 4.0 or more.


Family: Same as Principal applicant or can pre-purchase ESOL tuition

Health and Character All applicants must meet the acceptable standards for health and character


What Is Acceptable Investment?

New Zealand has a set of definitions that apply to investments making them acceptable by the state. However, NZ is extremely flexible and allows a range of investments as acceptable as long as they are capable of making commercial returns.
It is common practice for investors to opt to settle in New Zealand first, and familiarize themselves with the market and the economy before considering more diversified options. It is also recommended that you consider obtaining professional advice regarding what is considered Acceptable Investment.

The Innovius Advantage

At Innovius, we have developed a formidable reputation as specialists in this category. Investing a large amount of money into a new country, with a different culture, and way of doing business requires continual support and timely advice.  We streamline processes making them pleasant and straightforward. Our keen focus and eye for detail ensure that we provide accurate information to push your case forward. And the integrity and ethics with which we work are our badges of pride.
We are fully equipped to take care of all your Business/Investment needs during the whole process. Here are the highlights:

  • Identifying a business/investment opportunity.
  • Choosing an appropriate location.
  • Thoroughly analysing the business financials (during the purchase of an existing business).
  • Hands-on business/investment set up assistance.
  • Assisting in renting a commercial property for conducting business.
  • Setting up the preliminary contacts such as suppliers, logistics, accountants, lawyers etc.
  • And a bouquet of complementary services.

We hope that this section has given you a proper guidance, as well as information to help you in your search. We request you to contact us for more information or to have a detailed discussion about how to proceed.

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