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NZ Permanent Residency | Reside in New Zealand

Living and residing in New Zealand is exciting, be it for the scenic outdoors, the vibrant cities, the enviable lifestyle or for the countless opportunities. And becoming a Permanent Resident is a sure way to settle in for the long haul!

With a PR Visa, you can stay in New Zealand indefinitely. You can choose to live, work and study here. Additionally, you have the flexibility to include your family in the application process too. So you can experience everything that New Zealand has to offer with the people you love.

Here are some stats about New Zealand, like a top-ranking spot in the health status category and great employment metrics, that are sure to wow you!


The NZ Permanent Residency Outline

The Permanent Residency pathway is for those who want to settle in New Zealand permanently. The rights and duties of a PR holder are predominantly akin to that of a New Zealand Citizen, though some differences remain.

To gain a PR, it is vital to have met one of five commitments to the New Zealand criteria. Commitment to the NZ criteria can be met by becoming a tax resident, by spending enough time in NZ, by owning a business, by investing in the country or by establishing a base here.

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Here are the categories under which you can apply for a PR Visa:

"Interested in Business/Investment?"

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