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Special Categories

New Zealand offers a safe, inclusive and healthy environment for all migrants. And this is specifically showcased through their policies for Special Category Permanent Residency. Here, there are provisions for two distinct categories of people: (a) Refugees and (b) Peoples belonging to certain nationalities.

The Refugee Category is for people who are seeking political asylum, victims of domestic violence, people under the refugee family support category, people under the refugee family reunification category, and victims of human trafficking. It is often a matter that requires sensitivity and due diligence, but if you are found to be eligible to apply under the various provisions of this category, it could be a transformative journey.

The Special Category also includes provisions for people belonging to certain nationalities to apply for Permanent Residence on a humanitarian basis. This includes peoples belonging to the following nations/lands:

• Pitcairn Islanders
• Samoan Quota Scheme
• Residual Quota Places Category
• Pacific Access Category
• Residual PAC Places Category
• Special Samoan Quota Places Category
• Special PAC Places Category

People belonging to the Pacific Islands such as Samoa, Tonga, Pitcairn, Fiji etc. are also eligible to apply under this category.

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