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I got an amazing job opportunity to work in New Zealand, but then I was confused and unsure of my application. So I approached Innovius and applied for visa through them. My Essential Skills Work Visa was approved in only 2 days which otherwise takes 3-5 months.

Raghunandan Venkatappa

Immigration Consultancy with nearly 100% Success Rate

Are you struggling with your New Zealand Visa?
Are you confused about finding the right immigration consultant for New Zealand Visas?
Did you fall a victim to illegal and/or incorrect immigration advice?

Who should reach us?

You are already in
New Zealand and..

  • Need to get your current visa extended or apply for a different visa.
  • Received a PPI letter/ visa declined.
  • Overstaying in New Zealand, need a legal status
  • Received deportation orders

You are overseas and
want to..

  • Start a business, invest or buy property in New Zealand
  • Migrate to New Zealand permanently
  • Study in New Zealand
  • Work in New Zealand

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I was overstaying in New Zealand without visa for many years. I contacted almost all the reputed lawyers and advisers in New Zealand, applied for Section 61 through them, but nothing worked. I had lost all hopes of legally staying in NZ. Then, my friends suggested to approach Mr. Rajinder. and I applied through him, still with almost no hopes. Unbelievably enough, my visa got approved and I got back my right to live in NZ legally again. I'm ever grateful to Rajinder Sidhu!

H. S. Sethi

If you’re a New Zealand Employer who

  • Often faces a shortage of skilled staff in New Zealand
  • Wants to simplify your hiring process by becoming an accredited employer
  • Needs to get your employees’ visas approved quickly

We often need to apply visas for new recruits. We have always reached out to Rajinder and so far, we have had a 100% success rate with him. Not just that, there have been cases where the work visas arrived within 5-7 days instead of months. The Innovius team knows how to get visas approved. I highly recommend them.

Jatinder Maan, Director- Bay Energy Solutions.

What our clients say

What our clients say

From CEO's Desk

At Innovius, we always start the process with end goal in mind – your Visa Approval. No matter which Immigration firm or lawyer you contracted for visa application, no matter how much you paid more or less, no matter how robust the documentation was, if the visa is not approved, everything goes in vain. The most important outcome for you is the Visa and for every application we keep focused to achieve this..
Whether you are overseas or already in New Zealand. Whether you want to submit a new application or have issues with currently submitted application, or your visa has been declined, get your New Zealand Visa sorted with us.

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Rajinder Sidhu, CEO, Innovius

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Nearly 100%
Success Rate

9 in 10 cases get approved without PPI letters

100% Money back guarantee

We walk with you until you have your visa in your hands

Save up to
1-6 months

Save the back and forth communication drill, confusion and months of your precious time

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