For NZ Employers

Are you a New Zealand Employer who:

Face shortage of skilled staff in New Zealand?

Often Recruit Overseas workers or holders of temporary visas?

Struggle to get your employees visa sorted on time?

We understand the needs of New Zealand employers on how you may find it difficult to recruit someone from overseas, when no Kiwis or locals are available or when there is a shortage of skills locally.
We work with New Zealand employers who often recruit overseas workers or workers with temporary visas. We understand the situation that being a NZ employer, you may struggle to find someone locally and at the same time you cannot afford to cease your business activities due to non-availability of NZ Citizens or NZ Permanent Residents.

Ranging from recruiting an overseas worker up until obtaining a visa, we are your ideal choice. By outsourcing your overseas recruitment and immigration needs to us, you can enjoy an ideal blend of running your business with improved reach out.

Our experienced consultants take time to study your need and provide you with personalised clientele service.


Our services will include (but not limited to) the following:

1- Recruitment of Staff from Overseas or holders of Temporary Visas

  • Job Profiling
  • Job Advertisement
  • Receiving and shortlisting applications
  • Forwarding shortlisted or all applications to you for further perusal and finalization.

2- Visa Application

  • Receiving and processing required documents from you.
  • Receiving and processing required documents from employee.
  • Preparing and Submitting Visa application.
  • Handling Post Submission.
  • Handling Post Approval.

NOTE: Recruitment Services are available if required by you. If you are having your own recruitment system in place, we can work only on visa application.

Why Innovius?
Dedicated Services for New Zealand Employers

We can be your ideal Immigration Services Partner for the following reasons:
  • Putting our Consulting and Immigration expertise together, it makes easy for us to understand your business and needs better and hence deal with Immigration New Zealand efficiently.
  • Expertise in handling all types of New Zealand Visas
  • Expertise in handling complex and declined cases.
  • Onsite services: We may come to you, to apply visa(s) for your employees.
  • Dedicated Relationship Manager who will be your point of contact.
  • Regular meetings for planning your immigration needs in advance as required.
  • General timely advise regarding Immigration changes that may affect you as a New Zealand employer, provided to you complementary as a part of agreement.
  • Efficient operations and use of technology resulting in reduced time spent per application.

Do you know?
You can also become an Accredited Employer with Immigration New Zealand

If you have regular ongoing demand for skilled workers and you recruit overseas workers on regular basis, you can apply to be an accredited employer.

What does that mean:

An accredited employer is an employer who is registered with New Zealand in regard to your need of hiring overseas workers.

What are the benefits of being an Accredited Employer?

  • You can sponsor your employees under work to residence categories. A non-accredited employer cannot sponsor. You will have the advantage of attracting and retention of employees.
  • No need advertisements to recruit locals prior to offering job to overseas workers. You can save both; time and money.
  • Lesser processing time for visas of your employees.
  • Higher success rate for visas
  • Reduced documentation for paperwork especially from employer’s perspective.

Irrespective of whether you choose to become and accredited employer (conditional to your eligilbity) or not, we are here to help you with your employee’s visas.

CEO’s Message

Being a CEO, I understand that recruitment can be a challenging task and there is significant time and financial resources involved in recruiting and training people. On the top of this is when you struggle to find someone appropriate in the country having full work rights, who could work for you efficiently and for long term. We are in the age of globalization which has led to employer’s exposure to talents and human resources world-wide. If you cannot find someone in New Zealand, you can easily advertise the position internationally through social media and online portals and can receive number of relevant applications instantly and on top of this, you can interview them without being them present here and finalize the recruitment.

But their legal rights to work in New Zealand remains the biggest hurdle for NZ employers, and that is where we work with New Zealand employers shoulder to shoulder to help sort their employees work rights so that they can keep their human resources in place and can continue their operations without any issues. We are fully equipped to take care of all your immigration and recruitment needs so that you can focus on your core business activities.

What New Zealand Employers talk about us?

a. I own an energy company named Bay Energy Solutions based in Bay of Plenty, New Zealand. We often need to get our employees visa sorted. We work with Innovius for this who takes care of all our employees’ visas. Till date we have received a fully professional service, timely response and most importantly accurate immigration advice. We had no problem at all in any of the visa applications so far as all of them were approved without any hassle. Great Service! Highly Recommended!

Jatinder Singh Mann, Director: Bay Energy Solutions.

b. We own 3 businesses in New Zealand and due to the nature and location of businesses we often recruit overseas workers or people with temporary visas. We have been working with Innovius from long time and they are taking care of all our Immigration needs. I take immense pleasure in confirming that we have received a great service from them. I am delighted to tell that since we have started working with Innovius, all the visas have been approved till date.
Karanjit Singh.
c. I own 2 businesses in Gisborne; a restaurant and a retail store. We have been working with Innovius from last few years and I often contact them for immigration assistance as and when required. They handle almost all my employees’ visas as and when needed. This ranges from work visa applications to residence visa application. Till date the visa approval rate for visa done by Innovius for us is 100%. We have received a highly professional services so far and I am fully confident that it would continue in the future. All the staff at Innovius is very professional, knowledgeable and
Baljeet Singh Sandhu, Director KB Gisborne Limited..

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