“When I came to New Zealand on a student visa, we applied for partnership-based visa for my wife. The visa got declined due to character issue as the Visa Officer mentioned that we provided some wrong information. We were shocked as character issues decline is a big thing. We started researching on who can help us in getting the visa. I then got a reference from one of my colleagues who advise me to contact Mr Rajinder Sidhu. I contacted him, and I was very much satisfied by his advice. We decided to apply for my wife’s visa though him. We were amazed when Mr Rajinder Sidhu advised that the visa has been approved. We find it hard to believe because this was a very tough case and we didn’t expect that we can get visa.

Later, when we applied visa again, the immigration officer raised concerns on the already declined application. We again contacted Mr Rajinder and he helped us in getting the visa approved. Then we wanted to apply for Australia Visa, we contacted Mr Rajinder Sidhu and we got our visa approved successfully without any issue.

Now he is our permanent adviser. We always contact him if we need to apply any visa for New Zealand or Australia. Later, when I had to apply for Post Study Employer Assisted visa for New Zealand and partnership visa for my wife. We contacted him and we got our visas sorted in no time. I highly recommend you to contact Mr Rajinder Sidhu, if you need any visa assistance for New Zealand or Australia. If your case is complicated, declined or any issues with your visa, you don’t have to worry. If Mr Rajinder takes your case, your visa is very likely to be approved. I haven’t met him face to face, but I always approach him when I need to apply my visa.”

Manpreet Purba

I applied for my Essential Skills Work Visa on my own. Immigration New Zealand raised lot of concerns in my application. From the letter that I received form Immigration NZ, I felt for sure that my visa would not be approved. I then contacted Mr. Rajinder Sidhu at Innovius. After getting some information from me and my employer, he advised me that there are very high chances of visa approval. I doubted him as according to me, I was surely awaiting a decline. But since I had no option, I provided him the documents he wanted from me and my employer. And few days later, I was amazed when I received a call from his office telling me that my visa has been approved! I got a new life as I was had almost planned to leave New Zealand. Later, I contracted him after getting married in India to apply for my wife’s visa. I was amazed again when only after 5 days of application submission, I received a call from his office telling me that my wife’s visa has been approved. Now I am looking to apply for Permanent Residency and with no doubt I will contract Mr. Rajinder Sidhu to look after my case. Highly recommended!

Sukhbir Singh

“I applied for post study employer visa on my own based on the job offer as a supervisor in a café. My visa got declined as Immigration New Zealand stated that my job description is not relevant to my studies and my job tasks are of low level as compared to my study. Everyone was telling me to change job because my visa from same employer cannot be approved again. One of my friend who got his visa approved from Innovius advised me to contact Mr Rajinder at Innovius. I consulted Mr Rajinder and he advised me that if my employer can offer an assistant manager position, I can still apply visa from very same employer and there are high chances of visa approval. Whilst I was confused as everyone else was saying that applying visa from same employer cannot be a success, but Mr Rajinder was very confident in what he advised me. Because my friend had already got his visa approved from him, I put my faith in him and asked my employer if they can by any chance offer me an assistant manager position. Since, my employer didn’t want to lose me, I was lucky enough to be offered the higher position. I then applied for Post Study Employer Assisted Visa again, but this time through Innovius. I was amazed on how Mr Rajinder handled my case and my visa was approved without Immigration asking any question.


“My name is Kiranjeet Kaur. I am permanent client of Mr Rajinder Sidhu. I first applied NZ Study Visa through him from India. I complete my course Post Graduate Diploma in Health Science from Unitec Auckand. When my job search visa was about to expire, I was working as a Rehabilitation Coach with BUPA. Everyone was telling me that I won’t get a Post Study Visa based on this job as my qualification was of level 8 and my job is of lower level. I consulted Mr Rajinder Sidhu. He advised me that she is eligible for Post Study Visa. I applied post visa through him. I was amazed on how he handled my case, responded to immigration concerns regarding relevancy of my qualification and my job as a Rehabilitation Coach. I was shocked that my Post Study Visa was approved. I highly recommend their services”

Kiranjeet Kaur

My wife’s work visa application (Post Study Employer Assisted Visa) was declined although we applied through a reputed adviser. Immigration NZ Visa officer declined stating that the job description was not relevant to her studies. WE WERE IN A BIG PROBLEM AS OUR VISA WAS ABOUT TO EXPIRE IN FEW DAYS.

One of my friend who had applied visa through Innovius, advised me to contact Mr Rajinder Sidhu at Innovius. I consulted Mr Rajinder and he was ready to undertook my case confidently although it was complicated. He advised me to apply for Visitor visa on the foremost to stay in the country legally. So, he applied for our visitor visas which was smoothly approved. He had already advised me that if I am able to get a job offer, I can be eligible for visa as I had Bachelor Degree in India. Luckily, I had a job offer, and he applied my essential skills visa and dependent visa for my wife. I was in big doubt over this and I was thinking in mind that we might have to leave the country, but Rajinder was quite confident in getting me a visa. When he called me and told that both the visas have been approved, I was amazed. Immigration NZ didn’t even request any further information. The visa was approved straight away. There was no end to my happiness!!! Since then, I have referred my friends to him and no one till date has been disappointed. They all got visas approved successfully.

Randeep Singh

After some years of marriage, my husband opted to study in New Zealand. I tried to apply for a partnership based visa, but immigration declined it due to a character issue. The stress was becoming too much and we almost lost all hope of having our visa approved. Just then we contracted Innovius, they checked and fixed the character issue, then submitted the application, and that was how I got my visa approved. I can tell that Innovius has carved a niche for itself when it comes to successful visa applications. They didn’t just help with the New Zealand visa; they were even more helpful when my husband and I applied for an Australian visa so we could go on a visit. The visa was processed and approved with the help of Innovius.


“After completion of my Graduate Diploma in Sales and Marketing from Manukau Institute of Technology, my student visa was about to expire. I was planning to apply for Post study Open Job Search Visa but due to some reason I had to travel back to my home country. I did not had time to apply for my visa and by the time I had to come to NZ my visa would have expired. Then my friend referred me to Mr Rajinder Sidhu of Innovius who not only took the responsibility of applying the visa, but also coordinated in a streamlined manner, and communicated with me even when I was overseas.

All my friends except the one who referred to me to Mr Rajinder Sidhu, were telling me to apply before going to India, as they advised that I might face some problem in visa otherwise. After speaking to Mr Rajinder, I felt very much confident. During the consultation, he clearly explained me on how the visa would be possible. I was amazed on how he handled my cases, explained everything to immigration.

Lovepreet Garg

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