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More Services

Product Development

You could have a good marketing team, but without the right product development process, you may not see such products grow in their markets. Likewise, your business may have an idea of a new product or service to include in your brand, but without an ideal product development strategy, such product/service may die a slow death. At Innovius, we present our clients with more than just mechanical product designs; we take you by hand right from scratch till the product hits its target market. We provide total design solutions. We know what it takes to help you craft products with distinct features that offer your target market a whole new benefit, observe every step in the developing products, ranging from conceptualisation of product ideas to core designs, developing and marketing new products and services. We have a vast network of IT experts and partners with in-depth knowledge about developing potentially marketable products that will meet the needs of the markets, and that is why we stand out as one of the best firms customers hoist their name. At minimum cost, we provide help you establish products with desired functionalities as well bring it to your target market and have them buy it.

Technology Transformation

The dynamic technology poses a threat to several IT firms, and that’s where Innovius comes in handy. Several technologies erupt every time, and lately, the impact of recent technologies on societies tends to weigh heavier than before, impacting on virtually every sector. Consequently, the business sector is not an exception. We understand the concept of technology transformation, and what it takes to follow the trend without having your business affected. Our technology transformation service helps alter companies’ approach to the dynamic technology to meet the need of their target market. Apparently, most businesses are stuck with the thought and problem of how to capture the hearts and minds of their target audience even in the dynamic technology. It’s not all about upgrades to keep up with the new trends; it entails overhauling or changing your business approach in a tailored manner to satisfy your audience. Our customer-oriented technology transformation services help our clients keep up with most recent priorities and requirements and not getting pushed out of the competition due to the technology changes. Whether your business needs to develop new strategies or upgrade the existing ones to meet changing needs, Innovius is a go-to choice for you. We can help you catch up with the consumer world, despite the dynamic technology



The world of business activities has grown from the archaic way of controlling virtually every equipment, sector and activity manually, to the implementation of automatic control. The use of control systems in the operation of machines and equipment is the new wave, and that’s one of the efficient services we offer our client. Our diverse experience of providing IT solutions spread across many fields including automation. At Innovius, we offer integrated automation solution to businesses that increase their quality, service speed and delivery, making them stand out from the competition while undertaking tasks without human assistance. At Innovius, we offer, without doubt, unmatched automation services ranging from process control to management, and control applications. With our automation service, you can cut down the number of human workforce and the expenditures that follow, as we help you with an automatic control that works efficiently.  We are your choice for analysers, flowmeter, valves and other related needs. With our automation service, you have greater control over your business operations while spending less time and resources, as well reducing the human activities to a minimum. Kindly get in touch with us today for your automation services, and you’ll be happy you did.

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